I love the expression ‘salty’ to describe an emotion. I think of it as a synonym for sarcastic, and I prefer it to cranky. If you call someone salty they might laugh, not so much if you call them cranky.

I love the smell of salt air and perhaps it’s because I am a beach bum at heart, but lately, I cannot get enough of all things salty and here are some of my salt obsessions:

I prefer savory over sweet, so Dark chocolate with sea salt would be right up my alley! This Hu Chocolate Bars was gifted to me one year during the holidays by a client who really gets me, and I have been obsessed ever since!

I was thrilled when not one, but two salt caves opened in the area a few years ago, the Roslyn Salt Cave and the Port Salt Cave. I am a huge fan of both.  I initially went because I heard about the anti-inflammatory benefits and then learned about the benefits for your skin and respiratory system as well.  These places are sanctuary like respites from your busy crazy day.  I highly recommend them both.  They have distinctly different vibes and offerings so check them both out.

I am also obsessed with drinking salt water as a way of replenishing electrolytes. LMNT Electrolyte Drink Mix is a recent discovery for me and has been a game changer in the frequency and severity of my migraines. I have been sharing it with several clients and while it is not for everyone, I highly recommend it if you do activities that have you sweat a lot, or in general if you feel you drink and drink but never absorb. It’s not for everyone as I learned when some of my instructors accidentally drank from my bottle! But I love it.

The cold weather is upon us and for me that means LONOLIFE Bone Broth will replace my morning herbal tea.  I’ve been caffeine free for years, so I am not much of a coffee drinker – sometimes decaf for the taste, so I like bone broth to take the chill out.  I like this one for a person on the go.  Just add hot water.  It also comes in k-cups!  When I am at home, I like Kettle & Fire Bone Broth too.

As much as I love salt you will never see me use table salt – only pink salt for me.  Premier Labs makes my favorite. You can even elevate your cooking with a himalayan salt slab

You can read a little bit more about the benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt here.

Circling back to that beach bum at heart thing, if you want beachy waves for an easy breezy Pilates look, here’s my favorite – the Oribe Apres Beach Wave & Shine Spray, specifically because it doesn’t feel salty! 

So go ahead, get a little salty and see how it feels!