Private & Duet Training

Safety always comes first when you start a new training regimen, regardless of what type it is. Often times, you are trying to get out of pain, and at ALL times, you want to avoid it.

Although the classes we offer can surely deliver with these instances, sometimes you might want a little more. And that’s where our private and duet training can come to the table.

In the big picture, personalized coaching might just be a better fit for your needs. Especially if you are brand new to Pilates and want to go a direction that is laser-light focused on your goals. This is also your home if you want to go beyond the level our classes offer into the ‘super advanced and archival work that Pilates has to offer.

There are also some pieces of apparatus that are not suited for group work and may only be used in a private session.

As an added bonus, we offer duet training that you can do with a partner.

Lastly, be aware that we require private sessions for all new clients and those with specific pain or health-related issues. Pregnant, injured and nervous clients want to utilize our private sessions.

Here Are Some More Details

Private Session

Ideal for people who like to have 100% individual attention from an instructor. You receive personal guidance on all studio apparatus, including the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Spine Correctors, Ladder Barrel, Toe and Foot Correctors, and Neck Tensometor.

Duets or Semi-Private Sessions

This option allows you to have more individual attention than a class, while also spending time with a friend or loved one. But be aware that we do not provide a partner for a duet. However, we do allow you to create your own private group session on a specific day and time of your choosing.