Pilates Classes in Port Washington

Small Group Pilates Classes at Evolution Pilates

Each of the small group Pilates classes at our Port Washington studio incorporates the 4 S’s of Pilates (stretch, strength, stamina, and stability).  As you move through a combination of classes on the reformer, tower, and raised mat you will learn the system that is Pilates.  Our classes are best scheduled in advance as they hold a maximum of 6 participants on the Reformer and 8 on the Tower or Mat. Our classes do fill up so don’t get shut out!  Joe Pilates recommended 3 sessions a week and we agree that this is the ideal schedule.  Taking a variety of classes will give you the most robust Pilates experience and yield the fastest results to tone, sculpt, and redefine your body.

“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you’ll have a whole new body.” 
Joseph Pilates

The Classical Pilates Class Experience

Our group Pilates classes unfold like a semi-private session so expect detailed instructions, hands-on cues, and individual corrections for proper alignment and form.  Come consistently so that instructors get to know you and your unique needs and that you can progress over time.

Can Anyone Join a Pilates Class?

We offer Pilates classes for different levels from beginner to advanced so that you can find a class that fits you. However, before entering our group Pilates classes, we require you to take 3 – 10 private lessons (depending on your experience). Our new client intro package is a great place to start.

Group classes are for clients who are injury free and do not require any accommodations.  If you are unsure, please begin with Private sessions.

Reformer and Apparatus Pilates Classes in Port Washington

During a Pilates class at Evolution Pilates, you can expect to use the combination of Reformer, Tower, and Raised Mat to experience the complete Pilates system. Some of our classes focus on using only a specific piece of Pilates apparatus (for example, our Reformer Classes or Tower Classes) while others allow you to move through a variety of apparatus available in our Port Washington Pilates Studio. During each class, you will work on improving your Strength, Stretch, Stamina, and Stability (the 4 S’s of Pilates) to get a complete full-body workout.