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Mid-level class with verbal cues to progress or regress work depending on level. This class offers a full-body workout. The reformer classes use springs to create resistance or assistance to increase range of motion, strength, stability, balance and coordination.
Half reformer, half chair, this class involves the same ideas on each piece of apparatus for strength and control. You will engage your core like never before! And there is no box work.
The addition of the Jumpboard brings an element of cardio to your reformer. There is a lot of legs, abs and butt recruitment in this class. Always challenging and always a great workout!
The classical order as Joe intended it. This is not a class you can just jump right into without prior experience. It involves the full long box, short box and second long box. These are all advanced level exercises.
Tower Class starts with basic mat work, followed by all tower body exercises using breathing bar, leg springs, arm springs and push-through bar. This is a full-body workout.
This is geared toward more complex tower exercises that involve deep active stretching. We also use various props. You will leave feeling loose and limber!
Let your body be the machine to strengthen your core! This class includes TRX suspension training and some tower stretches.
There is a little bit of everything wit this class. It’s teacher’s choice from all the studio apparatus. There is no long box, so it’s perfect for people who avoid the Reformer because of it.

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Continuing education is very important to us and our instructors. We want to make sure that our staff is up to date with their skills. And through the course of the year, we host various workshops that offer continuing education credits (CECs).

Our Next Workshop: The Art of Cueing workshop will be held on September 27th from 12-2pm. For more information and to sign up, CLICK HERE.
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