Real Pilates Teacher Training

Become a Classical Pilates Teacher Right Here on Long Island

Evolution Pilates is honored to be a host studio for New York’s world-renowned Real Pilates Teacher Training program.  This licensed vocational school is one of the most respected and rigorous Classical Pilates education programs in the industry and world.

How to Become a Classical Pilates Teacher

Traditional Comprehensive: This is a 30-week program presented over 600 hours total. The traditional program is designed to develop your ability to become a Pilates instructor, coach, and guide for students. Our approach will set you up for success with a career as a professional instructor.

Bridge Program: Already a certified teacher wanting to dive deeper into the classical work? Be a bridge student! Learn the “why” of the system, fill in your blanks, and develop your program design skills from the ground up. You will become a part of a distinct lineage of teachers connected to Joseph Pilates, and become a 3rd generation teacher. The bridge program is a 450-hour comprehensive program.

All Pilates Starts Here

Our name, Real Pilates, describes who we are, and what we offer. For us, “authentic” means our lineage comes from Joseph Pilates’s first protégé, Romana Kryzanowska. The work we pass on to our students comes directly from this original work without exception. Romana Kryzanowska trained Alycea Ungaro, and now Alycea offers the Pilates method to you through our Real Pilates Teacher Training program.

There are dozens of ways to become a Pilates instructor. All kinds of hybrid and fusion inspired Pilates techniques, and even online paths, that can take you into the fitness field.

But there is only one path back in time to the original work with an apprenticeship. Real Pilates trains you from the source, the primary technique, and methods created by Joseph Pilates himself.

You’ll learn every exercise, every variation, and every piece of equipment ever created by Joseph Pilates. You will also learn how to teach, how to challenge, and how to truly inspire your clients.

Pilates starts here. Learn the practice the way “Uncle Joe” invented it.

Why Real Pilates? Lineage Matters

Lineage is crucial in Pilates training and certification because it strictly adheres to the founding father’s teachings, which produces remarkable results. Our teacher trainers are SECOND GENERATION instructors to Joseph Pilates. Therefore, the students we certify through Real Pilates will be the THIRD GENERATION to Joseph Pilates.

The Real Pilates team specializes in the next level of Pilates with targeted goal setting, strategic sequencing, and program design. The Real Pilates system addresses every aspect of your fitness and wellness through proper anatomical alignment, hands-on work, and advanced cueing, all performed on the entire range of spring-driven equipment. We believe in the power of the student-teacher relationship, and have developed our signature style and training formulas specifically for you, whatever your needs may be.

Upcoming Training Sessions

Seminar dates take place at Rock Pilates (147 Main Street, Cold Spring Harbor).

Hours may be completed at either studio.

Beginner: March 1 – 3, 2024
Intermediate I: April 5 – 7, 2024
Intermediate II: May 3 – 5, 2024
Advanced: June 7 – 9, 2024

All seminars are scheduled from 1PM – 7PM (Fri/Sat), 9AM-3PM (Sun).

Program Overview

  • Seminars
  • Weekly homework and discussions in an online platform
  • Access to Studio for Practice Teaching
  • Observation Opportunities
  • Unlimited Group Classes
  • Private Sessions
  • Duet Sessions
  • Monthly Meetings
  • Assessments
  • Assistant Teaching
  • Paid Teaching Opportunities

Program Requirements

In order to begin the Real Pilates Teacher Training Program, applicants must demonstrate intermediate-level proficiency in the classical Pilates repertoire. Generally, most successful candidates have been practicing Pilates before entering the Real Pilates Teacher Training Program.

We are looking for the next generation of Real Pilates instructors who may be invited to work with our team upon graduation. Additionally, an applicant should also be able to commit to 10-15 hours per week to be in the studio for their apprenticeship, four-weekend seminars, and the required test outs.

Start Your Real Teacher Training Journey

Part I: Submit your 2023 Application at
Part II: Interview and Assessment, by invitation.
Part III: Demonstrate completion of the prerequisite course work or entry-level proficiency prior to the start date.

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