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Welcome to Evolution Pilates!

Your premier destination for Port Washington Pilates classes in Long Island, NY.

At Evolution Pilates, our goal is to give you the most rewarding, safe and enjoyable experience possible. We know firsthand that improvements in your core, posture, strength, mind and overall health are motivating factors when choosing a studio.

And because we do not take this lightly, we have multiple services you can choose from to get into your best shape ever! Here is a little taste of what we offer.

Why Come to Us?

First of all, we are a classical Pilates studio. This means we are true to the original, authentic way Joseph Pilates structured his training. We go back to the source and utilize his techniques to progressively improve your strength and fitness levels.

We also have a well-maintained, very clean studio with nothing but top-of-the-line classical apparatus manufactured and maintained by the best in the business:

  • Pilates Designs Wall Unit Towers with High Mats and Cadillac
  • Gratz Wall Unit Towers with Pilates Designs High Mats, Foot Corrector, Toe Corrector, Neck Tensometor
  • Balanced Body Studio Reformers and Pilates Arc ™ Barrels
  • Peak Chairs
  • Stott Ladder Barrel
  • Baby Arm Chair, Ped-o-pull and more!

Lastly, the retention rate of our instructors is high and they are extensively trained. This ensures that you are in good hands with any class or training session you step foot into.

Overall, it is your trust that we value most. And when you put your body into our hands, we aim to not only meet, but exceed your expectations!

We get no greater satisfaction then to see you make monumental changes right before our very eyes.

And remember, you only get one body. If you can get into the best shape possible, then life will be so much easier to live. By coming to us, we can be a major catalyst in this journey.

Simply put, we are result-oriented. And when YOU succeed, WE succeed!

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