There comes a time when even the most determined among us must accept defeat.  Normally, I’m the type to stick with something until the very end, but I’ve lost interest in this series of posts.  In practicing what I preach, I’m giving myself the grace to step away from this project.  So, in this post, we will cover the remaining letters of the alphabet, selecting my favorite ideas from my notes on health, wellness, and Pilates principles.

K: Kindness

Wellness begins with kindness, both towards ourselves and others.  Practicing self-compassion and extending empathy to those around us fosters a positive environment conducive to personal growth and healing.

L: Less

Less is more. The constant need to be busy holds us back from so much.  I didn’t really need 26 posts with 14 topics each! In many areas of life, less is truly more.

M: Mornings

This special time affects the rest of your day, so own it and make the most of it. Your less stressed self will thank you.  I began getting up at 5 AM to have some quiet time to walk, enjoy a cup of tea, and prepare for my day.  It has been life-changing. Many resources can help you overhaul your mornings—consider exploring “Own Your Morning” and the “5 AM Club.”

N: No

Learn how to say no and put yourself first. A client once said, “If someone is going to be unhappy, why should it be me?”  This wisdom has stuck with me and is a valuable lesson in self-prioritization.

O: Organize

Organize your thoughts, your body, your home, your life.When you organize effectively, everything flows effortlessly.

P: Pilates

The man, the practice, the mindset—Pilates is a way of life. For the past 26 years, it has been my constant and has improved my life in every way.

Q: Quality

Joseph Pilates valued a few well-executed movements over numerous poorly performed exercises.  Focus on giving your all and turning out the highest quality in everything you do.

R: Routines

Since many daily activities are routines, transform them into pleasing rituals, making the mundane a source of joy and change.

S: Stretch, Strength, Stability, and Stamina

The four S’s of Pilates are too good not to share as a unit. I would add a fifth S—sleep.

T: Time

We don’t have time not to have time. Time block and see how you spend it. We are what we repeatedly do.

U: Understand

To understand what you are doing and why, the end goal, the other person, and life’s big questions is to forever be a student, always changing and moving forward.

V: Value

Choose value over quantity and value what is good in your life. Value your health and prioritize it!

W: Walking and Water

I couldn’t decide between the two because making strides in both your steps and your water intake are probably the best things you can do for yourself!

X: X Marks the Spot

Identify your target, your goal, your something special.

Y: Yes

We are quick to say no these days and to put off what we should say yes to. Inspired by Shonda Rhimes’ “Year of Yes,” say yes to book clubs, dance classes, travel—say yes to yourself more and no to others!

Z: Zoom

We grew tired of it as the world opened back up, but Zoom has transformed how we live and work.  Like any tool, we need to use its power for good and not abuse it.

I apologize for not finishing this project with the energy and enthusiasm with which it began, but there is learning in that.  Expect to see all my other “words” show up in other places.

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