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I love Evolution Pilates! Terrific instructors, immaculate facility, great for body & mind šŸ™‚

Jeanne B.

The instructor saw that I was new to Pilates and made sure to take me through each step carefully and make corrections when needed. It was a small group setting, which I enjoyed because it felt like everyone got more hands-on attention.

Melissa S.

Evolution Pilates has been a strong force in helping me return to good physical health after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year and finishing chemo therapy. Every time I go I get a little stronger. Everyone who works there is fantastic.

Tracy W.

Evolution Pilates has the best well trained instructors. They are always mindful of your needs and limitations, should you have any.

Loni B.

Clean and everyone is always so supportive. Instructors are very attentive, knowledgeable, and also give the right balance of support and instruction (why we do certain exercises, pointers, adjustments, etc.)

Angela Y.

I think the team at EP are top rate – incredibly competent, kind and experienced.

Donna M.

Great classes, the best instructors, top notch facility and conveniently located. Literally transformed my core and physical condition following a very intense open-heart surgery. Thank you.

Arnie H.

I love Evolution! The instructors are outstanding! The ability to book classes online is easy and relaxing!

Kristen R.

I love Evolution Pilates! All the instructors are great and very knowledgeable, and I know I’ll always get a good workout.

Jessica M.

The instructors really understand each students issues and know how to cater individually while providing the best instruction for the class. They keep it moving so it doesn’t become tedious and boring.

Erica T.

Great personalized work outs in a beautiful clean space.

Melissa F.

I love the studio and the instructors. Very professional instruction and warm friendly atmosphere.

Bob E.

Christina is an exceptional practitioner who crafts a program that works with my limited flexibility.

Roger L.

I love everything about Evolution Pilates!

Ilyssa G.

Great 1:1 attention and instruction and fun experience.

Stacey L.

The instruction at Evolution Pilates are great and we really enjoy our sessions.

Karen H.

The instructors are great, keep you motivated, are encouraging and I see results in my energy, flexibility and overall outlook on my body

Pina S.

I have never felt stronger!

Elayne C.