Toe correctors are designed to straighten your big toe and return it to its natural position. They vary in design, but a spring in the center is key!

This is an amazing thing for anybody who has foot issues whether it be bunions or plantar fasciitis or any other issue that may plague your feet such as rehab from an injury.

What’s remarkable about the toe corrector is that it works your whole leg. You can be sitting down on your mat, standing or seated in a chair, with these little bands on your toes doing the seemingly simple exercises, and you will feel like you got an incredible leg workout from your seat to your feet. It almost feels as if you had been in the leg springs.

The Gratz ones we have in this studio are a little pricey (over $100) but worth it. We also found this one which is much less and does the trick. You should always make sure you will use something before investing heavily.

Link here: Toe Corrector