I had a resolution to read more in 2023. As you will be able to see in the below list, there were many fits and starts until I found that I really love a good audiobook. My eyes get tired, and I love to be able to walk, cook, or clean while I listen. This habit bundle has cut down my time on social media and watching TV while I couple a few healthy habits together. 

I have always been a fan of Nora Roberts. She is my guilty pleasure and helped me finally kick off this journey. I was trying for a mix of my fallback romance novels, mysteries, self-help, and organizing books. I had never tried memoirs before, but they turned out to be among my favorites this year which was a nice surprise. 

I use an app called Headway to preview self-help books to decide if I want to spend the time on the content. My goal for 2024 is to do one preview daily on Headway to add books to my reading list in Libby or Audible, so I always have my next book lined up. I have a secondary goal of finding a few podcasts I can add to the mix for when I am driving. 


Nightwork – Nora Roberts 

February – March – kept taking things out and the loan would be due before I began – I needed a better system for when I am super busy and can’t read. 


Signal Fires – Dani Shapiro 

The Awakening – Nora Roberts (first audio book ever!) 



The Becoming – Nora Roberts 

The Choice – Nora Roberts 

Hideaway – Nora Roberts 



Identity – Nora Roberts 

Happier Human – SJ Scott, A Amit 

Untamed – Glennon Doyle 

8 Rules of Love – Jay Shetty 



Greenlights – Matthew McConaughey 

Tell Me Everything – Minka Kelly 



Counterfeit – Kristin Chen 

Spare – Prince Harry 

Tiny Beautiful Things – Cheryl Strayed 

The Spectacular – Fiona Davis 

Lucky – Marissa Stapley 

Remarkably Bright Creatures – Shelby Van Pelt 




Firekeepers Daughter – Angeline Boulley 

Start With Why – Simon Sinek 

The Untethered Soul – Michael A Singer 



No Filter – Paulina Porizkova 

The Other Woman – Sandie Jones 

Atlas of the Heart – Brene Brown 

Happiness Falls – Angie Kim 



Year of Yes – Shonda Rhimes 


Shoe Dog – Phil Knight 

Mother Daughter Murder Night – Nina Simon 


I am pleased with the progress made on this goal. I feel a little smarter, happier, and more productive! I get the newsletter from Reese’s Book Club and add all the books that appeal to my reading list. I also joined a book club that takes place inside the Roslyn Salt Cave so my January read is already lined up! 

I am always looking for suggestions, so please share your favorite reads of 2023 and check out this list ranked by authors!