Mar, 12

The Roll-Over

This is one of my favorite exercises.  The rollover is similar to plow in yoga.  Joseph Pilates said you are only as old as your spine is flexible – so then this exercise keeps you young!  I like to think of it like a kid who flings their legs over their head – without the flinging!  This exercise is wonderful for stretching and articulating your spine.  It is also amazing for abs and hamstrings.  It is a full body exercise that requires precision and the elimination of momentum.

  • Lie flat on your back with legs straight up to the ceiling
  • With control, lift your hips and roll your legs overhead until they are parallel to the flow (or if you are flexible touch your toes to the floor like Joe)
  • Flex your feet, open legs to hip width and slowly roll down one vertebrae at a time, with control until your tailbone hits the mat
  • Bring legs together at 45 degrees and repeat 4 more times