Aug, 12

THE NOVICE; Learning Pilates, One Stretch at a Time

By AMANDA HESSER Published: November 03, 1998
It is called pilates, and I had been hearing about it for some time but dismissed it as a faddish 90’s workout. It fit the mold perfectly: It had the requisite exotic name (pronounced puh-LAH-tees), you had to go to a gym to do it, and celebrities hailed it as a miracle workout that managed, with perfect 90’s perversity, to give shapely women the bodies of 12-year-old boys.

Pilates, I had heard, involved archaic equipment with names like ”the reformer” and ”the barrel,” but that was about all I knew when I arrived at TriBeCa Bodyworks, a Pilates studio on Duane Street, determined to see if my bias was well-founded. A model-thin woman blew by me, a single line of sweat dripping down her radiant cheek. Great. I hated the place already.

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