Apr, 14

Mo’s Reading List #3 – The Truth About Beauty

The Truth About BeautyI was given this book a few years ago by my friend and client Joann Florin.  This book was the start of a journey for me into understanding that working out without eating right or vice versa is pointless.  I began to understand the pros and cons of organic products.

It also opened my eyes to the concept of toxic overload in our daily lives and how much of that is beyond our control.  I clearly got the message that it is important to control what we can.  Immediate changes were seen in my transition from plastic to glass containers for my food and drinks and to natural cleaners for my home, dishes and laundry.

Every journey begins with one step at a time, and this book is what I consider to have been my first step (after many false starts).  To read more or order click here: