Jun, 12

Low Calorie Iced Mocha

Below is an exerpt from Snack Girls’ most recent post.  I always tell my clients that you should never consume more than 10% of your daily calories in drinks!  That means you have a choice to make – wine or latte!  Read on as she says it better than me.

“I have followed the new “soda ban” in New York City with much interest.  Seems many are calling NYC a “nanny state”.

New York City could have easily picked on Starbucks or other iced coffee drink purveyors when they instituted this ban. These drinks can be sugar bombs, and they are large.  I paid $4 for a Iced Cafe Mocha the other day because I was hot and I couldn’t resist (290 calories).”

Read the full post here: http://www.snack-girl.com/snack/low-calorie-iced-mocha-recipe/?e=sgPdP0E9