Jan, 10

Excerpt from Aug/Sept 08 Newsletter




Perfection is Overrated!

Ever feel like you can’t even start to get things done unless everything is perfect?  As Pilates instructors, we live by the 80/20 rule; most people will not be able to execute an exercise with 100% precision, but can do it with 80% proficiency.  In our books 80% is pretty damn good and you still reap all the benefits of Pilates – what does the extra 20% get you except bragging rights (and really – who cares anyway?).

Why can’t we apply this thinking to the rest of our life?  Maybe you can’t clean out and organize the whole kitchen today, but maybe you have enough time and energy to tackle the snack drawer.  I say try letting that be good enough for today!  At least it is a start and it will start to chip away at the inertia that plagues us all from time to time.





If you do one thing this month…

Treat yourself to a massage!  Alex M. Pollack, a NY State Licensed Massage Therapist comes very highly reccommended to us and is honoring a special introductory offer just for our clients!  Call 631-585-2832 to schedule.

He has been doing in home body work for over 20 years.  His specialty is treating medical conditions to eliminate pain.  His unique balance of isometrics, range of motion, relaxation techniques and medical massage makes this the therapy of choice for people serious about their health.

Remember, you don’t have to have a perfect body, to feel great in it!