About Studio

Since 2003, Evolution Pilates in Port Washington, NY has been Long Island’s premier Pilates studio offering private and group Pilates and TRX lessons.  We offer 25 classes a week in a dedicated studio.  To ensure proper form and comprehension, Reformer classes are limited to six students, Tower and TRX classes are limited to nine.

Pilates redefines the body, improving stamina, posture, balance, muscle tone and definition. It is a proven method of elongating and building lean muscle mass, which combines a mind-body connection with the muscular benefits of traditional workouts.

TRX is suspension training that is a perfect fit within a Pilates studio.  The straps reduce load on your joints and your body becomes your machine!  Developed by a Navy Seal TRX brings another dimension of core control to the studio.  TRX and Pilates can both be scaled to all levels of fitness.

We offer total body conditioning for all levels of fitness including professional athletes and dancers. Our staff consults with a network of health service providers to bring our clients a holistic approach to wellness.